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Tuesday, November 12


with our FB silent auction we made an amazing, unexpected, what did you say?, how much!?!, i can't believe it!, incredibly exciting total of


this is HUGE!

we expected to make arounk $2Kish... maybe a little more or a little less.

BUT with all of your help -- and the INSANE amount of bids placed, we are literally right there almost at the $3K mark!!! YAAAAY!!!

thank you thank you! friends! family! friends of friends! friends of family! and TOTAL STRANGERS! y'all are awesome! thank you to every person who shared our page, placed a bid, liked our page, and perused our auction items!

and a very *SPECIAL* thank you to every single person who donated! we had an amazing 35 people donate a total of 84 items that went up for bid! ah! i cannot get over it! we are surrounded by so much talent and such an incredible amount of generosity!

we love each and every one of you so dearly! you are helping bring our baby home!

i can't say it enough... thank. you.

with the $2,925 from the auction + the amount we had previously raised, we only have $2,012 -- that's two thousand and twelve dollars(!!!) left to raise before we've paid for our initial agency fees...

and paying your initial agency fees... means we can officially be "matched" with a child! so OF COURSE we feel the urgency to get this portion paid just as quickly as possible!!!!!

will you help us??

we have so many ways to raise $$$! first and foremost is...

OH YES! Adoption *IS* for lovers!!! Add a little 1 Corinthians 13:7 to the back, and you've got yourself a mighty fine shirt!

Buy one for $20... or 3 or more for $15 each! 
*Add $3 for shipping
**Add them to your auction winnings (before the end of the week) and they'll ship for FREE!!

Sizes available:
Women's Fitted - S, M, L, XL
Men's Fitted - S, M, L, XL
Generic Adult - L, XL, XXL
Kids 2T (fits like 3T-4T... on B and Lu in the pic above)
Kids 3T (fits like 5T... on Ri above)
Youth XS
Youth Small

another BIG, HUGE fundraiser we have coming your way is...
ROOTED BOON SIGNS!!! < - - - click right here

did you love the nativities from the auction? or how about the custom signs? they make the PERFECT gift! we are only taking Christmas batch orders NEXT WEEK, Nov 17-24! the Christmas batch will be completed in the 1st two weeks of December. After this batch *we will not be making any more signs until March/April 2014!* so if you will be wanting one of our signs any time over the next 4 months... THE TIME TO ORDER IS NOW!!!

thank you everyone for loving us so well!! we are honored to have you all as our support system!


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    1. Jamie -- send me a message at lindsmig at gmail dot com including your sizes and preferred payment method and i'll respond with all the info you need. :)