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Thursday, November 7

i have news!!! BIG, BIG NEWS!!!

as of today, we are *officially* registered with CARA!!!!!!!!! woooohoooo!

"what does that mean!?" you may ask!


yeah! yeah! yeah!

this means, that at any time we can be officially "matched" with a child that fits with our family. we have very specific "needs" we're seeking out in a child, and it can take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to find a match!


we are so so so so so excited about this step. we could literally see our girl's face next week... or at christmas time... or on new year's eve... or 20 days into march! who knows!! but it's not just paperwork anymore.

we fully expect for God to reveal the little girl He has set aside for our family! and i cannot get over it. i don't know what it'll be like to see her face in a photograph... perhaps like seeing an ultrasound of your baby for the first time... or like the first time you feel a kick, flutters and all... maybe it'll feel like nesting - going crazy preparing your home and family for the new addition... or a little like the terror that comes with thinking of birthing a new baby - all the unknowns.

all i know is the first part of this "paper pregnancy" was a whole lot like the first trimester morning sickness - minus a little of the feeling crappy, plus a whole lot of the "WHEN WILL THIS PART BE OVER!?!?" to be quite honest, i'm ready for the 2nd trimester!!! :)

being accepted into CARA also means that our very first PAYMENT is due to the adoption agency. oh man oh man! it is a chunk of change!!!!

thanks to our friends and families - all the generous donations, puzzle pieces bought, and even funds that will be raised through the current auction we have going on right now... WE'VE ALMOST RAISED WHAT WE NEED!!!

but, we do have a bit left to raise, and we need to do it as soon as possible!!!

we need about $2,500 more within the next few weeks! at first i freaked out. and then i remembered, the Lord has called us to this baby... and He will see us through. man, does that take a lot of weight off of my shoulders!!!!



$10 a piece! put your name, or your family name, or whatever you would like. (they're going in a double sided frame so our girl can see all the people who helped bring her home!!!!)

*****WE'VE GOT T-SHIRTS!!!*****
i'm going to wait until the week after the auction to show them to y'all (even though if you KNOW us, you've already seen them!)! they will be $20 each... or buy 3+ and they're $15 each! WE HAVE KID'S SIZES TOO!!

******ROOTED BOON SIGNS!!!!******
i'm only taking sign orders for ONE WEEK this year! NOVEMBER 17th-23rd i will take orders... they will be ready by CHRISTMAS... and i will not be making signs again til MAY 2014!! so if you want a Rooted Boon sign, get your order ready!!!

and if you have ANY other ideas of how to fundraise, let me know!

thank you all for your extraordinary love and support!! we couldn't do this without the Body of Christ - doing it's thang! we love each and every one of you!

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; 
I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west… 
Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth.”
Isaiah 43:5-6

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