about our elephant

about the elephant

this site was named years ago as a way for me to write, share about our family, and as a creative outlet. it has since turned into so much more.

i am lindsey. mama, wife, and everything else those two words incapsulate. my baby daddy is ty and we have 3 lil babes - 5, 3, and 1.

we love jesus and he tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. we're working through what that means on a daily basis.

currently we are pursuing adopting a little girl in india. our story about that will show up here on the elephant over the next several months as we go through the process to bring her home.

read about why we chose india here and watch a short film about it here.

please pray for us and for her, our baby girl india. and continue to keep up with our story.

we have the best friends and family in the world!!!! and we are so excited to share this time in our lives with all of you!

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